Monday, July 25, 2011


Sorry for the length since my last post. Life has been rather crazy. Its been a year...and a lot has happened. I will do a short post every day, or every couple days to catch everyone up. Then I'll do weekly posts.
Well if you read my last post you'll see that Hayden and I were not feeling well. I dont remember what Hayden had, but he did get better. I, however, did not get better, I got worse... and I finally got better around September. Through July I got progressively worse. I was extremely tired and had nausea all the time. Aaron suggested that I go get a check up. I was going to the next time he was going to be home a while.( He still traveled a lot) Well shortly after I went walking with a couple friends and I could barely keep up... I was so tired. Well, my friend also suggested something........A pregnancy test...... What?! No way! I just finished nursing Hayden and hadnt gotten my cycle back. I had been looking for signs that my cycle would be returning soon... nothing. I took pregnancy test in July and they were all negative. So I told my friend that I would get one the next time I was at the store. I picked one up and the next morning I took it... Right away, before it had finished its absorbing I could see the two lines... I WAS PREGNANT!!!

Well thats where I will leave off for now. That takes you through about the startish of August. I will continue as soon as I get some more free time.