Friday, June 20, 2014

A Big Change

     A big change is coming! I want to let everyone know that Life's Lemonade is moving from blogger to a stand alone URL. The site is not up and running just yet, but soon, so very soon! I realized that if I want the blog to grow I was going to have to take steps to ensure room for growth. I am very excited for all that is about to happen!
      I also want to ask you fervent followers to help me. I will be posting a "Mug of the Month". It will be different recipes for a mommy getaway minute or special treat for the kids. I would like to ask you all to post a recipe for publish... Maybe it is a special coffee drink or perhaps a cookie in a mug. The possibilities are endless. Credit will be given where credit is due. :) Also, I am looking for life hacks I have dubbed Lemonade Tips. Email me some suggestions! busymom791113@gmail (DOT) com                                     I am so excited I can hardly contain myself!