Monday, April 23, 2012


     Sunday morning I was blessed and encouraged beyond measure.  Going into church Sunday morning we ran into our pastor, Pastor Kevin. We are new members to Spring of Life and we have only meet Pastor Kevin on two other occasions. We were unsure of this church at first because we didn't want to be "just another attendance number" We are FB friends with him and his wife Brenda and get updates into their lives and they see into our lives as well. We DO NOT feel like another number. Its nice to begin forming personal relationships in a church as large as ours. I hope to have them over in the future for dinner :). 
     Anyways, Apparently Pastor Kevin has been reading my blogs through my FB posts and he told me Sunday morning that he had been enjoying them. Now at the time I didnt know what to say other than Thank You and I hope I was not rude by not continuing a conversation!!! I was surprised I was recognized in the sea of faces. Again I really hope he didn't find my quick thank you rude!!!  But sitting in church I was thinking about what he said and it encouraged me.  Writing a blog is hard work, throw in 3 kids and its near impossible, but not completely and his comment gave me motivation to try harder.  

     Pastor Kevin, Thank You for being kind to me. Our family greatly enjoys Spring of Life and are very happy to call it Home. 

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