Thursday, May 10, 2012

We made a little lemonade

     This comes a little late, but a little late is better than never. This night was the same as it always was except it was windy outside... The next morning I went out back to water my plants for the heat of the day. Following me was my children and husband to enjoy the morning before the heat came.

      After walking to the water hose and filling my can, I hear my husband say, (gasp) "Awe", with a sad expression on his face. I looked toward the direction he was looking and saw the baby bird. It was a newborn, a hatch-ling, no more than a few days old.  It was where I had just walked. He had already died. We investigated where he came from and we noticed a nest in the palm tree directly above where his little body lay. I hope he did not suffer. 

     The children quickly gathered around his little body and wanted to hold it. After I had something to safely pick it up I had my husband dig a little grave. I probably would not have made a deal of it had the children not seen, but I saw this as a learning experience. 

    I've looked to Scripture on if animals go to Heaven or not and I have not been able to conclude either or. I do know that animals will be in heaven for when Jesus returns he does it on a white horse and Isaiah says after the return that animals will exist. So in this case I told my children that this little innocent baby bird went to Heaven and is singing with Jesus, even though his body was still here. 

     The children expected at any moment the baby would wake up. Small children are so innocent to death. They do not grieve like adults do. They did not know to be sad about the situation. They were even happy that the baby went to Heaven, even though I am not sure if that is the truth. But I have Faith and Hope that little baby bird is with Jesus.  

     We looked online for a name that worked well with the situation and came up with Zippora Nimshi, meaning Little Bird Saved in Hebrew. Though it was a sad time we turned it into something meaningful and positive. And I now feel a little prepared when and if a family member passes away. 

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