Tuesday, July 24, 2012

First Trimester Coping: Letting Go

     This will be the first if three or so post related to coping during the first trimester. These post are not necessarily going to be about treating morning sickness and fatigue, but rather getting through it when it is happening. I hope these suggestions help you if you are in this season of life.

     As I sit here in the rocking chair in the playroom at 9:30 in the morning I am thinking how I would really like to be sleeping again. The fatigue is unreal! The kids are a bound of energy and making a trail of toys behind them. There is about 10 loads of laundry sitting folded on the love seat needing to be put away. But you know what, I am ok with that... But I find it very difficult. 

     Cleanliness is something I strive for. I cannot stand to see things in ciaos. It wears me down and greatly depresses me. But in these past few weeks I have come to an understanding with myself that this is only for a season and soon I will have the energy back to get my house back in order. Learning to let go is a hard lesson for a lot of us. 
     Most of us struggle to let go of things like worry or a negative feeling. They trap us in the box of anxiety. I dont want to go through this whole pregnancy surrounded by anxiety. I am letting go of a spotless floor, all the laundry put away, a stray dirty dish or so, and etc. I am giving them to Jesus, he will know when and how they will get done. Those little things are not going to bring the house down.

Letting go is difficult at times, but by just reminding myself that it is only for a season things seem a little easier. I hope this helps other moms let go of the really not so important things in life and lay them at the feet of Jesus. 


  1. Letting go IS a difficult thing, isn't it? And the stage of parenting many small children is challenging. You are definitely on the right track in relaxing your expectations to focus on your true priorities--your husband and little ones. Keep encouraged!

    1. Thank you Judy! Encouragement is like sweet candy while in a difficult season. Which I am so glad is nearly over! I have cleaned and vacuumed the kids room's and wash, folded, and put away 2 loads of laundry... I think the energy is coming back!