Thursday, August 23, 2012

First trimester coping: Recovering

     I'm over it, I'm over it.... Finally! I can brush my teeth, change a diaper, take out garbage without gagging! I've let go and survived. Now I need to recover. Not just me, but the house. For three months a lot of things have been neglected and now it is time to get those things back into shape. My gratefulness for all the help my husband gives in never ceasing, but lets face it... his clean isnt the same as my clean. I dont know many men who have the same deffinition as clean as their wives do. I've learned to accept it. 

     Well those areas still need some TLC from me. One example is the girls room... There is clothes in the drawers that B hasnt worn in months that some how ended up back into the dresser... I cant tell you the last time the fridge was wiped out... the list goes on. 

    My goal is to tackle one or two items on the list a week. Call them my Focus Areas for the week, but the challenging part is getting those things done while teaching lessons as well. Not impossible, just takes a little more effort. And that comes through Christ. I can do all things through Him, who gives me strength! So take it one day at a time. One thing at a time. One prayer at a time. 

     Get overwhelmed with the long list? Just write one thing down ;). When that task is done... make a new list, maybe with two things... Build into it. No need getting stressed and worked up over chores. This is a blessed time in our lives and I want to show God how much I love Him by worshiping him through the care I take with the things He has given me.

     I am happy to be over that season. I'm happier God has taught me a lesson(s) to go with it. I am not sure exactly what the next season will be for me but you can expect a lesson to be learned from it. Well, recovery seems simple...It is really, just doing one things at a time. In time the house will be in order again. At least at this point we can have guest over and not be completely embarrassed.  :) God bless you all in whatever season you are in!

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