Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Another day

Well, hi all.
You know how hard it is to find a formal, below the knee, modest dress for a wedding? I refuse to wear what is 'in style' these days... Everything is like all out there. I have just a few days before a wedding and I have still yet to fins anything to wear. I am going to check Ross tomorrow. If I can find a dress there long enough I can always buy a wrap or something of the sort to cover my shoulders...But man what a hassle.
On a more cheery note. Hayden is fully sitting on his own now. No help needed from anyone or anything. Now once he gets better control we can move to the big bath tub and the kids can bath together... Man that would shave like 30 mins off any given day...30 mins I can catch up on some reading, work on my cross stitch...30 mins is an eternity when you are a mom... 30 more mins mean I could spend 30 more mins doing house work...
Speaking of house work, I got all Hayden's new diapers in today...Which means more laundry, BUT I like it. These diapers are so much better than the walmart ones we had been using...I am also learning how to sew my own diapers and diaper covers. It is fun making something that gets used regularly.
Well on the laundry note brings me to dress... I am still trying to figure out the answer to my conviction about proper dress for Skylar and I. Perhaps something will happen or someone will say or do something to answer my prayer and questions.
Well It is now time for me to go and wash diapers for tomorrow. YAY!

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