Monday, November 2, 2009


I have a lot going on right now and I am not sure where to start. I guess I will start with the newest. Hayden was dedicated to God yesterday. He is a blessing from God and we wanted to give him back and to promise God that we will raise him up to follow the Lord in all he does. We love our children and want to raise them in a truly Godly way. We are selective about what they watch on TV, what the hear on the radio and what hear from other people. We read the Bible to them every night, we sing songs of praise everyday, we pray at meals, bed time, first thing in the morning, anytime...We give thanks to all creation. We want all our family and friends to find their path with the Lord and walk with Him because when they walk with the Lord they are setting the example for our children that we want, that God wants...

And speaking of what God wants...Over the past several months I have been experiencing a growing conviction. When I go to get dressed in the morning I find myself folding the blue jeans back up and getting out a skirt or dress...I have been praying about this since I first felt the conviction. I am still unsure what to do. There are several places in the Bible that speaks about proper dress. I know that some of these are time period specific and do not apply to today's age. Even so my conviction continues to grow. I felt so bad when I cut my hair before Hayden was born. I miss my long hair. It made me feel pretty and covered. Same about wearing skirts and dresses. When I wear a dress I feel like a the way a female should feel. It is strange and I will continue to pray about it until I have the answer I need.

On another note about dress...Hayden is wearing cloth diapers now. We have done it for one week now and so far it is going ok. We do just fine during the day, but at night is a different story. He is a heavy wetter and soaks through his diaper. I have made him fleece covers that do good until about the last wet of the night...I already use two prefolds and a cover, and last night I added another fleece panel to wick and hold some more of the wetness. After I get my order in of prefolds and covers I am going to turn these walmart prefolds into fitted diapers and see how I like those. I may play around with AIO, AI2 and pockets to see what will be good for night time. I like cloth diapering and I can only hope that my family will support my decission. I have already gotten oposition and I hope it stops. Cloth diapers these days are just as easy as disposible diapers, but you just dont throw it away. If I had to call the oposition something I would call it laziness. I know some will call me crazy, but in fact am doing many good things. First I am protecting my baby from harmful chemicals they ot in disposible diapers. Second I am helping our finances. Cloth diapers are far cheaper than disposible and I hand wash so I am saving even more. Third and most improtant, I am helping to protect the creation of the Earth by not littering it with disposible diaper, that can take 500 years to decompose...wrap it in a plactic bag... It could take forever...God created this world and I want to do my part in keeping it green and healthy.

Well that is it for now. I need to go start cleaning my house and start getting ready for this weekend trip to Dallas.

God Blesses everyone's day

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  1. I am not lazy ! I just dont like new things :) Still love you though