Thursday, March 29, 2012


Hi! I will get better at blogging... Its all about making habits... Well in my last post I continued my update with the birth of our third baby, Bailee, or B for short. Now at this point in our lives my husband, Aaron, was traveling for work a lot and only getting to come home a few days at a time. When Bailee was 2 weeks old he was called out for 6 weeks... only getting to come home Easter weekend... I was struggling to care for my family. I just had a baby and I was an hour away from any family. My house was in a constant disarray and I had a giant lack of care that plagued me. Aaron voiced his displeasure with what was going on at work to his boss only to be spat at and sent on his way... We were getting mad. the original agreement was 25% travel... The turning point came when he got an offer from the very company he was traveling to as his customer... We started to get a sense of what God was doing right away... God wanted better for us. God put us in Tyler so Aaron could get experience on the machine, learning from it intensely. The "customer" that offered the position used the same machine. God also used Tyler to wean me from seeing my family as often because where we would be going was three states away. He took the position and went out here to start as soon as he could. In the mean time the children and I were living at my inlaws home while they summered up north. Aaron search for a home for us and after two months he finally found one. Then we had to wait another month to come out here. That's right... three months with out seeing my husband. Again God used all of Aaron's traveling to prepare us for a long summer apart.  At the end of August, as a family,we finally came to our new state and our new home. Well, there you have it, a three part update to our life. Now that the update is finished I'll get to start blogging about things that pertain to the actual blog topics. I will post a topic in a couple days. Until then, May the Lord bless you and keep you.

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