Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Home schooling: Not just at the kitchen table

     When I first started this new adventure a few months ago the vision in my head was to have my little pupils sitting at the kitchen table doing their work enthusiastically. I quickly realized that wasn't a realistic vision. My kids are active, like most kids, and want to be where mom is most of the time. 

     At this current season in our lives we can generally do most lessons during nap time, but lets face it... Mama needs to shower at some point... Oh sure I could shower before they get up, but I would be getting up at 5 am in that case for I have an early riser. Or I could shower at night after they go to bed, but with my long hair dripping wet at bed time means a sloppy wet pillow all night. So a nap time shower works best for me. 

     So what's my new homeschooler to do while I am in the shower... Usually, she showers with me and I am completely fine with that. After a few showers I started to pay attention to her drawings on the shower door in the steam. To my heart warming surprise she was drawing letters in the steam and asking me questions about each letter. Then as her attention went from drawing letters to stick people she would count the people and ask me basic addition problems, which I made her figure it out on her own with her drawings. 

     So I then realized that now I do not feel like she has missed any "school" time when we shower during nap time. I also realized that I could teach just about anything anywhere we are and not be limited to a kitchen table doing worksheets. And so simply drawing in steam has opened the world of home schooling to me and enabled me to see lessons anywhere from the park to the grocery store and everywhere in between. I hope this post will encourage new home schooling families to think outside the box of the kitchen table. 

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