Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ice cold Lemonade on a Hot Day

     Nothing is better than some ice cold lemonade on a hot day... Not many people can argue that point. Here in Arizona we have plenty of hot days to consume a lot of lemonade. Lemonade doesn't taste very good with out the sugar and ice... At that point you just have lemon juice, bleh... 

     Well that is exactly what we got when our upstairs AC unit went out on Saturday. By the time the sun went down yesterday evening it was already 90* upstairs and still 100* outside... no amount of fan blowing, windowing opening was helping. So we added a little sugar and ice and decided to camp out in the living room downstairs as a family.We watch Beauty and the Beast, had popcorn, and snuggled with each other. Then we blew up the air mattress and made up the couches and camped out in the living room where is was 15* cooler than upstairs. It was some pretty good lemonade. :)

      I was reminded that sometimes routines are messed up and we have to adapt and overcome the challenge. No I didn't sleep well, but I got this beautiful Sunday to rest and enjoy what God has given me. I also greatly appreciate these common day luxuries and I do not know how I would get by without them. Well, there you have it... Life gave us some lemons and we made some lemonade with it. Pizza and Iron Man tonight and another night camped out in the living room at least :) Lets make the most of it.  

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