Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gotta Keep Busy

I hope you all enjoyed the giveaway, even if you didnt win. :) There will be more in the future. 

      We are nearly there... Baby girl Avalynn will be joining us as soon as she is ready. In the mean time I have been trying to keep myself busy, but I must say I am running out of things to do. Everything is prepped for the birth and the house is as clean as this mama is going to get it. I have run out of all laundry to wash... just have a little bit left to put away, if I can get it upstairs ;). There has been no real signs of her unless you count moodiness as a sign. My last two pregnancies went to 42 and 41 weeks, so there is a chance I could be holding onto her for another couple weeks... YIKES... I do not want to do that at all.

        So, if that is the case I will be doing whatever I can to stay busy. My projects this week will include turning a couple cans into something to hold the products I will need in the bathroom. Second, if I get to it, is to redo our book case. Right now it is just an ugly brown hand-me-down book case... I plan on adding molding to the top and bottom, then painting it as well as distressing it. I kinda hope I can do it soon, but the canisters are a little more important as I have no place to store products in my bathroom discreetly. I also have some baseboards that I could paint... could is the magic word there...Tomorrow I may take the kids to the park with a bunch of our homeschooling friends. Well, the dryer just rang its last for the day. Can I have lots and lots of labor prayers???

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