Friday, January 4, 2013

Mini Blog Relaunch, Book review, and giveaway!

     It is the start of a new year and a perfect time to organize your life and time( including myself ;) )

     I have been VERY absent from blogging and for that I am sorry. I had a solution in the form of a Tablet, but I broke it 4 days after Christmas. :( I am in the process of getting it fixed, but that will take time... In the mean time I am getting ready for baby and taking a lot of down time which should be perfect to recommit myself to blogging.

     As we get ready for baby girl, Avalynn, I find myself trying to figure out so many ways to get the house organized so daddy and the older children can function well while mommy recovers. I cannot help but reference my all time favorite book: Large Family Logistics, by Kim Brenneman( minus the Bible of course)...


     This book has given me a foundation to build on and inspiration to act on the growing art of homemaking. Do not let the title deceive you.... This book should be renamed to Family Logistics... It applies to all from no children( but in the future) to as many as you can think of! It is endorsed by Michelle Duggar and Beall Phillips and would make a great wedding gift for a newlywed to devour before she even has children! The topics in which it includes are building a sturdy foundation on God's word, self-discipline, managing each day( laundry day, kitchen day, etc.), homeschooling, family time, and sooo much more. There are 47 chapters plus two appendix on survival and recovering from said survival, which I use often as it has been a rather tough year!

     Because it is the start of a new year everyone is looking to make resolutions and start fresh and because of that I am giving away a paperback copy of Large Family Logistics!!!! Enter below!!!

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  1. I still haven't read that book but keep hearing so much about it.

  2. 1. Run in circles, scream and shout!
    (Not highly recommended, but can be rather entertaining for the children!)
    2. Prioritize - God, husband, children, reasonable amount of homemaking, other callings.
    3. Baby steps (or lower your expectations!) - every little bit you do is more done than yesterday. I am writing a novel, I write 3 pages a day, not much, but everyday I'm 3 pages closer! Which leads me to...
    Seasons of life - 2 years ago, I couldn't even manage 3 pages, my life was too full, last year I could have written at least 1 or 2, but I didn't manage my time properly, this year I am working on self-discipline and am amazed to actually be writing again.
    Grace - He knows how many hours we have and how much is on our to do list. If we keep our focus, he will show us how best to manage and you will accomplish far more than you ever thought possible!

  3. Some ways you can manage blogging and your family??? Well I am not sure. That is why I had to stop blogging. I never could find the time. :) I think it will be easier once your littlest one gets a little older.

  4. i'd love to win, this book has inspired friends, i'm hoping to be inspired too!