Tuesday, July 16, 2013

When To Rest

Well on the Mend- Arthur John Elsley
      I sit here on my couch sick... I have contracted some kind of throat infection... Needless to say, I am trying to rest as much as I can to get better.... I said trying ;)..... Ever been in that situation? I'm sure you've been sick, postpartum, hurt, or just plain tired. Well, here are a few steps to help you remember to rest.

1. Stay in your Pj's- This tells those around you that you are still off the clock.

2. Stay in your room- At least as much as possible... Daddy can take care of the kids, I promise ;) And if the bedroom isn't an option, vow to stay on the couch...

    I bet your wondering why I am telling you things you already know. ;) Well, because even though I knew it to it took someone telling me again for me to remember...

3. A noise maker in your room...-We have one for our baby to help her sleep, but man oh man does it help drown out the noise from other parts of the house. Homedics makes one you can usually get at Walmart.

And finally...

4. Respect Hubby- My husband was irritated and angry Sunday because the children were not used to the change in primary care giving. So I came down stairs to help him... That made it worse... I was undermining his abilities as a father... He flat out told me to go rest and that me being up was adding to his frustrations... ouch! He is a great father but I was telling him, with my actions, that he wasn't......

    Remember mamas.... You will do more for your family in the long run if you sit down and rest when your body is telling you to... Its better than ignoring your body and ending up with more problems or in the hospital... Be kind to yourself...Its one of your greatest investments. 

     Join me next week as I tell you about a chore system that is actually working in this house. :) Until then, May the Lord bless all of you this week! 

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