Monday, July 22, 2013

Chore system ideas: Responsibility Board

     I have found a chore system that is working... It is also tied into our daily schedule... Which I will admit took a backseat while I recovered from illness last week. There are two parts to my chore system as of right now. I am trying to get a reward system in place. This first part is taking a little getting used to, but we are sticking to it...Kinda started it at a bad time with mommy getting ill and all... :/ 

     Everyday the children have "responsibilities" which are really chores in my mind, but I didn't want them to associate prayer time as a chore so we call this time "responsibilities". I took a chalk board and wrote down all the responsibilities needed to be done in any given day... It is not set up with times and is very flexible  Each child's name is written on top. As the children do their task for the day they get to draw something within that space... hearts, smiles,  flowers etc. This would work as a sticker chart as well. At the end of the day I erase parts of the board I have to, quickly redraw the lines, and its ready for the next day. 

     Next week I will talk to you on how the actual chore system works.... We call it the Chore Jar and it is wonderful! Come back next week to find out. Until then God's grace and love be with you.

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