Monday, August 19, 2013

The Griggers' Homeschool: Year at a Glance


     Last year was rough... Between my pregnancy and a child who wasn't ready for formal education we didn't get much school done... That's alright, really... We've already caught up this year... Its amazing what you can do with a child who is mentally and emotionally ready. This year looks a lot like last year truthfully. We chose to make sure we are learning well...not learning a lot... Did that make sense? :).

 I will be blending kindergarten and first grade this year because of a wonderful idea from a friend... Summers in AZ(Phoenix) are brutal... We will be doing most of our school during those 115* days when we are stuck inside and taking the winters off school because its sooo nice here during that time. I plan on doing kinder through Feb/March taking an April break then hitting first in May when the temp is creeping up.  

     I am hitting reading and writing hard this first semester. With those skills she can teach herself about anything. For history this year we are learning a little about each of our presidents. This includes a workbook I found at target for $1, color pages, and lapbook. For geography we are learning the states, doing lapbooks for each one. For Bible we are learning creation again, as well as, fruits of the spirit, and character qualities.  Lapbooks and other activities to go with them. Social studies are wrapped up within everything we are learning. Science will consist of the human body, crystals, plants, animals, life cycles, and whatever else sparks our curiosity... I love science and I am sure we will be doing a lot of it.... Math.. My sore spot... Right now I am going day by day here... We are learning to write numbers by learning our phone number and address, as well as emergency numbers.... After that perhaps money math, learning to add and subtract well, and then time... I am looking into a math curriculum for other concepts. It is kinda hard with her... silly girl has taught herself much of the math... We will be in the car going somewhere and she will yell out a math equation and its answer... 

Next year I think we are going to invest in some pretty pricey hands-on curriculum from Timberdoodle... Mainly for Hayden. He is very hands-on and I see the need for it. I am currently transforming the playroom in to a playroom/schoolroom. When I am finished( hopefully today) I will edit this post and add a picture. I'll let you know when I do. :). Well there you have it... Simple and to the point. I am unsure what next week will bring, but hang around anyways. :)

Blessings and Love

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