Sunday, September 29, 2013

Delaying Solids and the Breastfed Baby: Pt 2

   In my last series post, Delaying Solids and the Breastfed Baby: Pt 1,  I gave you four reasons to delay solid foods.      Today I am going to give you 5 more reasons to delay solids.

 5: Delaying solids to reduce future childhood obesity?
It has been noted that early introductions of solid foods is associated with increased body fat and weight in childhood.

6: Delaying solids helps mom's milk supply.
Studies show that the introduction of solids completely replaces the nutrient complete milk in a baby's diet... Not adding to it. The more solids baby takes in means less milk baby gets from mom which means less milk mom has for baby which means disaster for her supply.

7: Delaying solids to space out babies?
Breastfeeding can be an effective birth control method as long as baby is EBF and getting all their nutrients and suckling needs from mom and only mom.

8: Delaying solids makes introductions easier?
I find this to be very true. Delaying means baby has lost the thrust reflex. Baby is much less likely to have allergic reactions. Babies have learned some abilities to feed themselves(pincher grasp). It also seems like baby has more interest in food, wanting to explore the sensations of taste and texture.

9: Delaying solids because I'm lazy.
...No... not really, but starting solids means more work...bleh... With just EBFing there isnt any prep involved, no equipment to need and etc. I sit, hold baby, and plop a nipple in her mouth :). Easy, Peasy, and Lazy ;P

Even though I fully support delaying solids, the introduction of solids can be very fun, not only for the infant, but for the care givers involved. Join me Saturday as we look into the introduction of solids starting with baby cereals... Perfect first food or toxic concoction?

Have a very blessed week.

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