Friday, September 27, 2013

Disney 2013 and Milestone

     The Griggers' family just took a trip to Disney! It was a blast... the first two days.... The third day everyone was tired and grumpy, but we made the most of it and had fun. We would do things differently next time. Maybe a post is in order on how to survive Disney with littles. ;). Speaking of littles, Baby Avalynn has hit so many milestones this month I am about to cry... She has mastered sitting, crawling, pulling up to knees( I know she can get to her feet), and a new tooth... All in a month... Well, Anyways here are some pictures and a video of our trip.

On our way in!

Aaron and Hayden in the Iron Man Armory 

Me and Avalynn-She was screaming here

It was way colder than we were expecting

Huntington Beach

Mater knew it was my birthday!

Best part of the trip!
Hayden was the last kid to fight Vader and he defeated him!

Ariel's Grotto

Ariel's Grotto

Ariel's Grotto

Ariel's Grotto

Ariel's Grotto

Over all it was a fun trip full of memories and laughter and that is all that matters!


  1. I can honestly say that being part of the Jedi class was probably the most important day of my son's life in his eyes. Adorable photos! Thank you for sharing your memoires. Pam, oddly found this post form the Mastermind, which I still don't understand. lol

    1. He still talks about it and it was my favorite part hands down! What is this Mastermind you talk of? :)