Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Garden

     I decided to take up container gardening this year in an attempt to provide my family with whole nutritious foods. And to teach my children where our foods come from... Something I think today's youths are missing... a sense of where things begin. I started several weeks ago outside, but the weather here in AZ(phoenix) is still very hot and they were not doing so well. Then we had monsoons that were drowning them, so I brought them inside and they were doing well until we went on a 5 day vacation.

     I had them covered with plastic wrap to keep the moisture in and it did it job, but in a couple cases they had too much water and I thought I lost those plants. Surprisingly though they are still alive... So far I have growing broccoli, tomatoes, basil, carrots, and a couple of my potatoes have started to grow roots.

     All of my plants are organic in an attempt to get rid of the harmful pesticides and GMOs, so that means pests to deal with...  I thought I had aphids in my garden, so I tried to kill them with the method of soap and water... but it killed most of the plants... Sigh... So I have started over and did some more research and discovered that I didnt have aphids at all, but a microscopic bug called Springtails. I also learned that a few drops of peppermint essential oil diluted in 4oz of water will kill aphids if I get them. That would be great if it works.

     Anyways, I think I will move my plants back outside this weekend because fall is finally setting in here in the desert and while it is still hot the sun isnt as brutal. Well, there you have it... This baby gardener will update you next Thursday as to what the garden is doing. If you are a gardener and have some tips for me or fellow readers please feel free to comment. I am always eager to learn all I can.

Until next time... God bless

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