Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Home Schooling Husband-Sharing the Load


   Up until 5 days ago I didn't have a homeschooling husband. I had a husband who supported homeschooling. I have always dreamed of my husband sharing some of the duties schooling our children, but really never saw that actually happening... That is until I had a small voice speak to me one evening while lost in thought about how I was doing teaching my daughter math... Not my strongest subject by any means. Lets just say I know how to use a calculator well. ;) However, my husband is a living calculator.... Able to give answers to equations before you give him all the variables. I truly admire his mathematical abilities. :)

     Now... giving that I am not fluent in the mathematics and he is gave me the perfect opportunity to ask him if he would share the joys of homeschooling our children and teach them the math concepts they will need in life. His reaction surprised me... He was thrilled! He was happy that I asked him. The next day he told our homeschooler he would be teaching her math. She was very happy as she loves her daddy and she also loves math... Win-win for her! Any way, he has been busy looking at all sorts of curricula and I think he has picked Singapore.

      I have found this to be very humbling... I cant teach every, but God has given me the perfect help mate in everything, including schooling our children. Too many homeschooling mamas are at their limit and could use some help in just one subject or two. Dad's volunteer to help out! If your schooler has to wait until dad gets home from work... That is fine... Homeschool... remember? There is no M-F, 8AM-3PM... School happens all day, every day.

     So, homeschooling moms and dads... remember you are each others perfect helper... given to each other by God... And if you've been called to homeschool then God will see you and your helper through every tiny bit of it.

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Have a blessed day

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