Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Prayer Time Interruptions

     We've finally had enough.... Every time we have prayer time before a meal we are constantly interrupted with new thank yous and prayers... Don't get me wrong... I love that the children are participating in prayer time, but when it takes us a while to get through it because we had to stop and take new requests, something has to give... Well, the Lord presented me with a solution...

      I was thinking about the problem and I heard that still quiet voice say to me "Take request before you pray and stop the interruptions." Brilliant! The first time we did it was successful. By simply writing down what the children wanted to pray about has all but stopped the endless interruptions. 

     The first few nights I started a new sheet of paper for requests and I started to get bothered by several lists laying about the counter. Then it dawned on me... I have a laminator...Why not just laminate a paper and reuse it every night. Brilliant again!  

     Now we are working on patience. Skylar get antsy and thinks we are not going to say her prayer request so she interrupts. We are working on that part.  So if you are having the same, small, but annoying issue that we were having, this may be the solution for you as well. I pray lots of blessings in your parenting endeavors!

Things To Come: 

Book review on Large Family Logistics
My first series on coping with life when there are challenges.
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  1. Excellent idea... how old is Skylar??? If shes younger, maybe you can do hers first because the older ones may be more understanding??? Or... rather it be with prayer or not you can google patience practices for children it has some ideas :)

    1. Sky is the oldest. She knows better, but it slips through sometimes. I am always looking for new ways to teach patience!